Building of an artificial nest for Ospreys Pandion haliaetus

in the Oostvaardersplassen

on February 28th, 2003 by Staatsbosbeheer

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part of the Osprey site of Ruud Kampf

see for the article in De Takkeling on the breeding attempt in 2002

After extensive discussion and trying to feel like a male Osprey coming back from his winter a tree was choosen.

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The artificial nest ready for mounting in the tree. The diameter was 2 m. The diameter is rather big for an Osprey nest, normal used is 1 m. But at least it is big enough.

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Mounting the nest in the tree.

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Mounting branches in the nest, with as a finishing touch a grass sod (see "burned nest")

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What will happen, will the Ospeys choose one of the two artificial nests or wiil they prefer one of the pylons of the power line behind.

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The nest in its surroundings, wating for the Ospreys.

The nest can be seen from the train from Almere to Lelystad

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In the "Dutch Serengeti"

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De Takkeling and Dutch Raptor Group

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De Oostvaardersplassen

Grazing in nature reserves, one of the "secrets" of De Oostvaardersplassen

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