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Snowy Owl chick, Siberia

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Mirrors, Spiegelingen, foto's in de Grote Kerk van Schermerhorn!!

On this site I have a wealth of photo material, is seems not more then logic that as a rule for the use of the photos has to be payed. In principle we do charge a percentage of the standard prices of the Dutch Fotografen federatie, the dutch equivalent of the Pickerell or the PhotoQuote pricing (see for the general conditions I like to follow).

For web use on non-commercial or personal sites the use of the photo material is free, but only after consulting us for our permission and with credits to us and an active link to our homepage (f.e. Copyrightę Ruud Kampf,   as "payment".

There is an exception on the rules mentioned above: Universities, research institutes, travel organisations can use the material in exchange of help in organising our trips. This kind of backing up is often more appreciated than money!!!

When you do not find a picture of the subject you are looking for (arctic plants, arctic landscapes, etc), please contact us. There is only a small proportion of our stock available on our site.

Sizes of pictures and files:

The photos are scanned with a Nikon Coolscan III at maximum 2700 dpi from 24*36 mm Fuji negatives and slides, taken with Nikon equipment. The files can be either delivered by E-mail or CD-Rom. See the table for some standard formats.



Maximum size










Very high 2500*4000 26 2 Mb Full Page A4 RGB JPEG
High 1200*2000 12 1Mb Half Page A4 RGB JPEG
Standard 600*1000 6 400 Kb Quarter Page A4 RGB JPEG
Web 300*400 40 Kb Web Design RGB JPEG
Thumbnails 100*150 25 Kb Visuals only: free only with credits and links to