Ospreys in the Orleans Forest in France

by Ruud Kampf

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The visitors centre à l'Observatoire du Ravoir



Some impressions of Osprey nests in the Forêt d'Orléans



breeding results 2003!!! and 2005

The development of the Osprey population in central France, including the new "colony" in the forest of Chambord

breeding results in the "colony" in the forest of Orleans

A graph of the new "colony" in the forest of Chambord, about 50 km southwest of the Orleans forest:


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Ringing of Ospreys

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An international meeting: mating Ospreys in the Orleans Forest, a picture of Nigel Beers Smith

With many thanks to Rolf Wahl, one of the Osprey conservation workers in the Orleans Forest, for the hospitality and company

When you find any information on Ospreys with colored rings in France, please contact Rolf Wahl

(E-mail: rowahl@rekel.nl)

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