Some remains of cetaceans on the coast of Oman

November 2000

©Ruud and Kitty Kampf

Unknown spec. False Killer Whale Indo-pacific humpback Dolphin 

Unknown spec.

A whale or dolphin spec on the beach of Ras Madrakah.

View from above. The dorsal fin was absent or not visible anymore


Very dead indeed,
  • length about 7.5 m,
  • a very conspiceous flat beak, at the base 35 cm wide
  • teeth
  • short flippers, length 45 cm
  • no clear dorsal fin!
  • no tail left

O_0883.jpg (37915 bytes)

View from the right side of the head. The dark spot has been the right eye. The lowe jaw shows a strange curve downwards. Tere has been some discussion about the tooth in the upper jaw. Is it really a tooth? 


There has been some discussion on the species. Several clues (form of the flippers) were leeding to a Pseudorca Crassidens, but to my opinion the animal was too long for this species. Gianna Minton of Whalecoast Oman has looked for the remains, but only found the remains of a Ps. crassidens on bout the same spot. Another possible species could be Cuvier's beaked whale (Ziphius cavirostris).

Pseudorca crassidens

False Killer Whale / Zwarte zwaardvis

A skelleton on the flats of Barr al Hikman

with many thanks to C. Smeets of Naturalis in Leiden for identification

The flats of Bar al Hikman O_1101.jpg (17943 bytes)
be careful!

O_1104.jpg (66107 bytes)

totall length ca. 5 m


an enlarged part of the photo above O_1105_deel.jpg (28610 bytes)
the skull with two teeth


the skull from above O_1107.jpg (40239 bytes)
same picture from above, enlarged jaw with two teeth O_1107_deel.jpg (36430 bytes)
upper and lower jaw

O_1108.jpg (41023 bytes)

Sousa chinensis

Indo-pacific humpback dolphin of Chineese witte dolfijn

The remains of an Indo-pacific humpback Dolphin on the beach east of the Wahibi Sands



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