a couple of days at the

Sőrve Bird Observatory

Saaremaa, Estonia

October 2003

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The site is in Finnish, but has an Enlish summary.

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We stayed a couple of days at the birdobservatory, with many thanks for the hospitallity!!!

see http://www.vironlintuseura.fi/paivakirja/paivakirja_2003_10.htm for more information

just some of our photos

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The peninsula with the light house

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Marti Martinson, the ringer

his headquarter neg_609_3_02.jpg (33121 bytes)
Blue and Great Tits neg_609_3_03.jpg (63362 bytes)
A couple of Blue Tits per day is fine, but 47 in one net.......................... neg_609_4_07.jpg (51028 bytes)
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Longtailed Tit

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Marsh Tit neg_609_6_15.jpg (30147 bytes)
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Pallas Leaf Warbler

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